io-key Cockpit

Edge functions

You can use the io-key edge functions to send alarms directly to the cloud regardless of your selected transmission interval and switch simple digital outputs on the device directly. For this purpose a configuration is stored directly on your device.

Info: It may be necessary to have this function enabled by your io-key partner.

Setting up an alarm function on io-key edge

In your Edge Operation Widget select the “Send alarm for threshold value” function.

A window in which you can configure the function opens:

  1. First define a name for the rule and select the data point in the drop-down menu that shall be the basis for your rule
  2. Select whether the rule shall be triggered when the comparative value is exceeded or fallen below and specify a comparative value in the value range of the sensor. The unit of the measured value is added automatically
  3. Define the hysteresis for the switching function, i.e. the difference of the values between the point for switching on and off (you will find additional information when you mouse over the ? icon next to the function).
  4. You can set all view-specific parameters in the Alarm item.

To activate the function, click the “Switched off” toggle switch and click Save changes.

Setting up a switching function on io-key edge

To switch a digital output on the device if a comparative value is exceeded or gone below, proceed for steps 1-3 in the rule “Switch output for threshold value” analogous to the io-key edge alarm function.

In addition, you have to define the output signal in the next step:

  1. Initially select the PIN which is to be switched.
  2. Select also the convention of the function (Normally opened or Normally closed, for detailed information see the ? icon).
  3. You can also specify a time delay for switching on and off the output. The parameters are defined in the 5th step of the wizard.

When you completed the configuration, activate the function. Confirm the input in the pop-up window and then click “Save changes”.

Notice: The change of an io-key edge switching function has a direct influence on all connected devices and consequently on your entire system. Confirm the rule only if you are sure that the change has no adverse effects for your system.

Setting up a window function on io-key edge

The window function refers to an extension of the io-key edge alarm and switching function. Here is it possible to define rules which execute an action in a defined value range only. It is specified by a defined starting and end point.

In your Edge Operation Widget select the function “Window function: Send alarm” or “Window function: Switch output“.

  1. Under the 2nd step select the lower and upper thresholds (window limitation).
  2. In the next step the digital output to be switched is selected in case of the switching function.
  3. For both functions it is necessary to select a convention (direction) of the function. Define here whether you want to run an action within or outside the value window.
  4. The delay time for switching can be defined using the conditions “when leaving the window” and “when entering the window”.

When you defined all parameters, activate the function and click “Save changes”.

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