io-key Cockpit

Adding sensors

Adding sensors automatically

The sensors are automatically added after they have been connected with the io-key. No further action is required. The sensor dashboard is also created automatically and can be changed later.

Info: All sensors for which their IODD can be found on the website automatically connect to the io-key cloud.

Adding sensors manually

If the driver of your IO-Link-capable sensor cannot be found on, your io-key cannot recognise the sensor. In this case proceed as follows:

  1. Contact the sensor manufacturer
  2. Ask him to send you the IO-Link Device Description (IODD) of the IO-Link-capable sensor as a .ZIP file
  3. Navigate to the “Configuration” item in the cockpit on your io-key cloud and to the “IODD Repository” item
  4. Click “Add IODD” (at the top right)
  5. A pop-up window opens in which you can either drag the received file by drag and drop or navigate to this file on your computer
  6. Your IO-Link-capable sensor is now displayed automatically (after repeated connection) in the cockpit

Info: Please make sure to upload the entire .ZIP file. After having selected it, the zipped driver is automatically uploaded and the IODD displayed.

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