The “Map” widget displays the location of a device or all devices in a group.

You can move the content of the map with the mouse pointer and zoom in and out with the Plus and Minus buttons.

The symbols representing the devices are colour-coded. The colours are used according to the following

  • Red = at least one “critical” alarm
  • Orange = at least one “important” alarm
  • Yellow = at least one “less important” alarm
  • Blue = at least a “warning”
  • Green = no alarms

Click on a device symbol to display the following details in a window:

  • Name of the device. Click it to navigate to this device
  • Date at which the device has last sent its location, if available
  • Controller to show and hide the device tracks for the past and future days


Application example: A map is well suited to keep fixed installations at different locations apart, to keep track of mobile installations (e.g. in food trucks) or to locate constantly moving installations (e.g. in trains).

Configurable parameters:


  1. Target assets or devices: Devices displayed on the map. For a group all devices in this group (but not in subgroups) are displayed

Info: If none of the target devices has a known location, the widget displays a world map without symbols.

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