First steps

Main functions of the cockpit


The Navigator is shown on the left side. For quick orientation the name and logo of the application is shown in the Navigator at the top. The menu leading you to the respective pages is arranged below. The entries are grouped by fields of application. You can hide and display the menus by clicking on the menu names in the Navigator. Click on the small arrow on the left in the top bar to display or hide the Navigator. By default, the navigator is displayed.

Page view

“Page” refers to the main area of an application. The displayed content depends on the menu entry selected in the Navigator. The structure of the content varies from page to page. Data for example is displayed in a list with one line for each object or in a grid in which each object corresponds to a map.

User settings

The user button with your username is located on the right next to the application changer. Click on it to open a context menu with commands for your account settings.

On small screens the representation of the applications changes as shown in the illustration below. The Navigator is hidden and only a few tabs are displayed. Click the menu symbol at the top left to go to the Navigator. Scroll to the left or right (the method depends on the respective device) to display further tabs.


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