Data point list

The “Data point list” widget displays data points (measured values) in a list with one in each line, with current values and data point attributes. Select an available data row from the “data point” menu option. You can assign the target, minimum and maximum values and the unit of measurement to each data line by a click on the dropdown menu. These values are used as the calculation basis for the differences (see below.).

Application example: You measure the temperature of a storage room. In this widget you can, for example, read how much the current temperature deviates from the target temperature and act accordingly.

Configurable parameters:


  1. Title: Widget title. By default, the widget type is used as the title
  2. Data points: Displays a list of data points available. You have to activate one data point at least. Click Add data point to add a data point to the list. You will find additional information in “Adding data points”.
  3. Visible table columns: Columns displayed:
    Lettering: Lettering of the data point. You will find details in “Visualising data in Data Explorer”.
    Target: Target value. Can be configured in Data Explorer or the data point library.
    Current: Current value.
    Difference: Absolute difference between current and target values.
    Difference %: Percentage of the difference between current and target values.
    Asset: Name of the device or group of the data point.
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