The io-key


io-key – the complete solution of radio gateway, cloud access and data flat rate with which you can monitor, analyse and manage your sensor data online in 3 simple steps.

io-key facts:

  • Genuine Plug & Play thanks to IO-Link
  • Intelligent, IO-Link compatible IoT gateway
  • Wireless connection across Europe via NB-IoT
  • Your sensor data is available online in less than 1 minute
  • Manufacturer-independent compatibility with over 6000 sensors
  • Administer your own dashboards and functions
  • “Real-time” alarm and switching function

Apart from a power connection and IO-Link-capable sensors (currently over 10,000 sensors from more than 200 manufacturers –– including autosen), you do not need any additional hardware or software to view your data online. After commissioning in just 3 simple steps, you will automatically see your sensor values on individually generated dashboards in the cloud environment “” and can comfortably monitor and analyse your data, and will be notified via email and SMS if values alter.

The data is transmitted securely and cheaply over long ranges by wireless (narrowband IoT and 2G). This allows you to work regardless of location and infrastructure without having to modify your own IT. Offsetting is according to the flat rate principle with full cost control thanks to the IoT flat rate.

New: The io-key includes an edge alarm and switching function allowing to execute alarm and switching actions autonomously and real-time on site at the machine. That way alarms can be sent into the cloud independent of the transmission interval or simple circuits implemented for any actuators.

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